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30 December 2007 @ 02:58 am

Warning: The fanfictions range from G to M/NC-17. So, read at your own risk!!

Fanfictions by TBear
The Healing Touch Sequel to The Key To Immortality
The Key To Immortality
Courtship Sequel to Longing

Fanfictions by ElizaCastle
What Next? Sequel to Waiting
Just As I Promised

Fanfictions by Lionessrampant & Oh-You-Pretty-Things
Music When The Lights Go Out Will's POV
Music When The Lights Go Out Lizzie's POV
The Willabeth Baby Project
The Trouble With Forever
Meet Me In Paris
Never The Twain Shall Meet

Fanfictions by Unacymbal
Safe from the Storm
If Only
A Long Dat at the Office
Laundry Day
Whistles in the Wind

Fanfictions by Yoiebear
Aztec Chocolate
Coming Home
Getting to Know
Ovation Sequel to Raid
Wake Up Missing scene from Brawl
Stolen Moments

Fanfictions by ChrisM
La Cigüeña

Fanfictions by Ladyle
The Key Guard
My Confession

Against the Rules
Summary:He's a student, she's a teacher. They both know the risks, but will they play by the rules or against them?

A Lesson to All Bridesmaids
Summary: When Elizabeth returns home early from her own bachelorette party with a swollen hand, her fiance wonders exactly what he got himself into.

Summary: Based on the novel Atonement... Will and Elizabeth were the best of friends growing up, but when sexual tension is unrealized and is mistaken for indifference, how will the building pressure find a release?

A Year On An Airplane
Summary:Elizabeth loved Will. Will loved Elizabeth. Should have been simple, right? Then why did she refuse him, and why did he let her go? What happens when they’re stuck on an airplane together, after years apart? A touch of destiny.

Breathing Underwater
Summary: In the end, ten years aren’t actually all that much.

The Unraveling Thread
Summary:When Will Turner is not found by Elizabeth Swann, the consequences ripple out, and no one’s destiny is unchanged. A drabble series
15 October 2007 @ 07:00 pm
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